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State Internships:

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 Internship Applications


Application Deadlines
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Fall Internships:
March 15

Spring Internships:
October 15


Internship Program Application Process

The application process for each internship involves submitting both 1. General Application Materials and 2. an Internship Specific Essay. All materials are submitted online through the UH STAR Student Scholarship system. We strongly recommend compiling all finalized application materials prior to beginning the application process.

To apply, login to the UH STAR Student Scholarships, and locate the desired internship by keyword searching.

  • U.S. Congressional Internship Program - Keyword: Congress
  • Hawai'i Governor's Office Internship Program - Keyword: Governor
  • Hawai'i Lieutenant Governor's Office Internship Program - Keyword: Governor
  • Hawai'i Judicial Internship Program - Keyword: Prosecutor

1. General Application Materials

All internships require that the following materials be submitted through the UH STAR Student Scholarship system.

A. PDF version of applicant's STAR transcripts

B. Resume

  • Current contact details (email, phone, address)
  • Academic background including extracurricular activities
  • Employment background (references not required)

C. Two Letters of Recommendation

One letter from an academic instructor (past or present) attesting:

  • Qualifications
  • Character
  • Commitment to public service

One letter from an employer (past or present) attesting to your:

  • Work ethic
  • Maturity and judgment
  • Ability to work with others
  • Office skills

Please note: During the application process, applicants will specify the name and email of their "recommenders". Upon application submission, a request email will be sent to the "recommenders" from starhelp@hawaii.edu. The request email will include a link allowing "recommenders" to submit their letters online. Therefor, applicants should not collect, nor should they expect to upload the required letters themselves.

  • As a courtesy, be sure to contact your "recommenders" ahead of time to request permission, and to inform them of the application deadlines.

2. Internship Specific Essay

The following internship specific essays must be written with mindful consideration to both topic and word count. Like the materials above, essays are submitted through the UH STAR Student Scholarship system.

U.S. Congressional Internship Program
Hawai'i Governor's Office Internship Program
Hawai'i Lieutenant Governor's Office Internship Program

There are at least two major roles that a legislator must play: (1) to represent the expressed wishes of a constituency and (2) to negotiate the resolution of a major issue which may be contrary to constituents’ interests. Please reflect on the conflicts that may emerge over these roles, citing specific examples if possible.

  • (600 words) (max characters: 4000)

Hawai'i Judicial Internship Program

Why is the institution of a judicial process, from arrest to prosecution, important for society?

  • (600 words) (max characters: 4000)

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